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Hello, Are you here to know who we are? want to know more about us? Let’s go back to the year 2014.

That was the time when every High School student get inspired to make money online. Yes, that’s the time when you have a hell lot of time to explore.

Don’t get confused, This Website is to provide quality content to the users(That’s You)

I mentioned making money online because that’s what everyone was thinking back then. (Even now it is a very hot topic.)

So as I said, like every other crazy kid out there. I searched for ways to make money online.

I was shocked to find out that there were thousands of blog posts related to online money making.

There were many ideas.

I was confused about which one to pursue. I tried many but they all were too tedious and soon I lose interest.

That’s when I came Across Blogging. I read many Blog Posts daily, but I’ve never thought of making my own blog

It was great to set up my free Blogspot account and start to write articles……

wait…wait…did i say write articles…

my bad……Trying to write articles !!

Yes, I was exhausted when I wrote two paragraphs and …that’s it….. I was blank and had no ideas.

So what did I do?

Just as everyone I tried to learn how to blog. Even though How hard I tried to be a good blogger I was not able to get satisfying results.

But one thing I mastered was setting up the layout of the website, Designing it to look beautiful, and making it perfectly SEO friendly.

I tried Tech Vlogging for some time and also had a tech website. (By this time I was able to get a Self-hosted WordPress setup.)

But even for this website I was always changing the design, editing the CSS files, Concentrating on the technical side rather than making good content that could rank.

Soon enough I understood one thing, Technology tips and tricks are not my area of Expertise.

This Idea Stuck with me.

If I cannot make content on Technology, Then why not try to make content on things I love to do, Things I’m an expert at, Things that I am passionate about.

Yes, I was interested in Graphic Designing and Web development. But this time it should be a perfect start.

So I took courses on blogging, digital marketing, WordPress development and many more to support my journey. At last, I knew I was ready, and that’s how GraphicsDial was born.

Still wanna know who we are ?

GraphicsDial is the platform where we share insider techniques, tips, How to’s, and tutorials to make it easy for everyone to master every skill you need to become a Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, or even a Web Developer.

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