Are you tired of your busy routine, bored of your regular 9 to 5 job or wanna earn some passive income? Then affiliate marketing could be a good option for you. Affiliate marketing is emerging enormously these days and is a never-ending platform to earn some extra income online.

Well, you don’t need to do much, you just need a PC and good internet connection in order to get started with affiliate marketing. Moreover, it is extremely advantageous to both the brand and the affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which an individual or a company promotes the products or services offered by an online retailer and earns commission for the sales or traffic generated from its referrals.  

Working of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing flow

Affiliate marketing can be an excellent platform to earn some extra income or maybe for those seeking to earn full time through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing works by providing the authority to market the products and services across various platforms, it supports the individuals to prepare a more productive marketing strategy by providing the affiliates with a share of the profit. Additionally, three different parties are involved in this process:

Retailer or Producer: The seller can either be an online retailer or a producer of a particular product or service. Moreover, the seller can either be a solo entrepreneur or a huge organization as well as an advertiser. They provide exclusive rights to the affiliates to promote or sell their products or services and are not directly involved in the marketing.

Affiliate:  Affiliate is an individual or an organization that markets the product or services of the retailer or producer to the target audience and earns a commission from the revenue generated by the sales from their unique affiliate links.

Consumer: Consumers and their purchases are the drivers of affiliate marketing. They purchase the products or services that are marketed by the affiliates through online platforms such as social media, websites, blogs etc. For every purchase made by a consumer, the profits are shared by the producer and the affiliate.  

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income: This is one of the best advantages of affiliate marketing because you can even make money while sleeping, while other regular jobs require you to be at work in order to earn money.

You just need to invest an initial amount of time in the action and you can witness steady returns on investment of your time as you will be paid a commission whenever consumers purchase that product or service.

No Consumer Support: While individual companies often have to deal with their consumers and have to ensure that the consumers are satisfied with their products or services but there’s no such issue for the affiliate marketers, they just need to simply link the producer and consumer by selling or promoting the products or services offered by the producer.

cost effective

Cost-effective: Most of the businesses and online jobs require some startup cost and operation costs but you don’t need to spend even a single penny in order to get started with affiliate marketing and you can earn enormous profits from it depending upon your performance.

Performance-Based Rewards: The amount of money you earn from affiliate marketing purely depends upon how much efforts you put into it. There are no limitations of time in this work.

You can work according to your convenience and can make up your own routine. While other jobs require you to work for hours and don’t matter how much efforts you put but you will be paid a fixed salary.

Work from Home: You don’t need to go anywhere to earn money. You can just simply work from your home and can earn a significant amount of money through affiliate marketing. 

Popular Affiliate Programs

Amazon Affiliate: Amazon Affiliate program is the most admired affiliate marketing program in the world. offers an appreciable amount of commission and some extra benefits to its affiliates.

Additionally, Amazon affiliate is the most convenient and flexible program as compared to other affiliate programs.

Hubspot: The mission of Hubspot affiliate program is to help millions of organizations grow better. The Hubspot affiliate program comprises of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and a powerful free CRM.

The commission you receive on the Hubspot affiliate program entirely depends upon the product tier of each product that is been purchased from your referral. An affiliate can earn as much as $1000 per purchase through the Hubspot affiliate program.


BigCommerce: BigCommerce was founded in 2009 and it is a popular online store builder that powers numerous e-commerce stores across the globe.

BigCommerce affiliate program offers a whooping commission to their affiliates, you can earn up to 200% commission on the purchases made from your referrals under this affiliate program.

Shopify: Shopify can also be termed as the market leader in the drop shipping industry with over 500,000 online stores worldwide. Shopify has everything you need to start your online store and if you have a large audience on e-commerce platforms then Shopify’s affiliate program can be an ideal option for you to setup an online store.

Shopify’s affiliate program offers a significant commission on the purchases made from your referrals and also offers a $2,000 bounty payment when a referral signs up for Shopify Plus account.

Flipkart Affiliate: Flipkart affiliate program is facing fierce competition with the Amazon affiliate program.

Additionally, Flipkart is always working heavily on its affiliate program, moreover, Flipkart also offers several extra benefits to their affiliate marketers with an appreciable commission on each purchase made by their referrals.

eBay Partner Network: eBay is amongst the top e-commerce websites around the world with a wide range of product categories along with over one billion listings of products.

eBay’s affiliate program is extremely advantageous because of its high conversion rates, along with a diverse selection of products.

The affiliate can easily earn a commission ranging from 50% to 70% of auction fees through eBay Partner Network.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels

There are a variety of channels through which an affiliate marketer can promote the product and make sure that it reaches the targeted audiences. Some of the most common channels that affiliate marketers leverage are:

Influencers: Influencers are the individuals that are impactful to the purchasing decisions of a large segment of the targeted audience. Influencers are extremely beneficial to affiliate marketing programs.

social media influencers
social media influencers

They already have a huge fan following on the social media and other platforms so they can easily direct the consumers to the seller’s products or services through their social media posts or blogs.

Instagram is growing rapidly as a platform for affiliate marketers and businesses to grow a loyal audience, learn more about Instagram Marketing

Bloggers: Bloggers have the tendency to rank organically in the search engine queries. Therefore, bloggers with a large audience can have a significant impact on the affiliate marketing programs.

Bloggers can just post the products and their links on their website or social media accounts with an attractive blog post in order to attract the consumers towards the product or service they are promoting.

Email Marketing: Despite being the oldest method for digital marketing, Email marketing is still very impactful and one of the most preferred affiliate marketing channel by most of the affiliate marketers.


Some affiliates simply have an email list which they use to promote the seller’s products or services, In the email newsletters they include hyperlinks to products and they earn a commission based on the purchases made by the consumers.

How to Become Successful Affiliate Marketer

From the above lines, you must have got some basic knowledge about affiliate marketing like what is affiliate marketing, it’s working, its advantages and how to start with affiliate marketing. Now, I am going to tell you some very important tips that you should keep in mind in order to become successful in affiliate marketing:

Love what you are doing: This is the most important thing that you should keep in your mind whenever you start with any job. You can only become successful if you love the work you are doing, else you cannot do anything.

If you are doing affiliate marketing just for money then you can never achieve success in this profession and there will be no difference between you and a marketing company employee who is bored like hell from his job.

Learn to take small steps: Want to earn thousands of dollars from the very first month. Well, that sounds impossible.

likes convert to dollars

First, you need to earn $1 which is the hardest part and then you need to turn that $1 into $10 and by taking these small steps, only then you can earn thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing.

Learn from others: This is a very crucial step in any job. You should always try to learn from others who are into the same field or from your seniors.

They can share the mistakes they did and can share their personal experiences. Moreover, they can guide you in a proper manner and you can achieve success in this field if you follow the tips and tricks given by your seniors.

Be consistent: Always focus on your own performance and always try to improve your performance in order to cope up with the competitors.

Moreover, don’t be afraid of failure and never let failure hinder your path of success so instead of giving up, get up again and try figuring out where you went wrong and correct yourself.

Stay updated with the trends: There is a huge competition in this profession. You have to make sure that are well aware and updated with the present and upcoming trends & marketing techniques in the market if you want to cover a wide range of audience.

Make a Plan: Making a plan is very important for any business. Whenever you are promoting a product, you always have to think from the point of view of a product owner.

What Would you do to market the product if it was your own…?


Affiliate marketing is an ideal option for those who would either like to earn some passive income or are looking to gain control over their own income through performance based revenue.

Moreover, you don’t have to go out anywhere to earn money, you can just earn from your comfort by simply working from home and also while sleeping.

It’s your efforts and performance which decides your income through affiliate marketing which is a major plus point of this profession.

Furthermore, there are various online stores and websites investing in their affiliate programs so there is a huge opportunity for the people who are taking up affiliate marketing as a profession.

Additionally, there are several perks of affiliate marketing offered by various companies.

In the end, if you want to become an affiliate marketer then just follow the steps and tips included in this article and you will be able to engage your audience, convert passive readers into active readers and can earn easily.

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